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The Utilization Review Coordinator is responsible for management of all utilization review and case management activities for the facility’s inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient programs.  Conducts concurrent reviews of all medical records to ensure criteria for admission and continued stay are met and documented, and to ensure timely discharge planning.  Coordinates information between third party payers and medical/clinical staff members.  Interacts with members of the medical/clinical team to provide a flow of communication and a medical record which documents and supports level and intensity of service rendered.  All duties to be done in accordance with Joint Commission, Federal and State regulations, Oceans' Mission, policies and procedures and Performance Improvement Standards.


Essential Functions:
  1. Identifies and reports appropriate use, under-use, over-use and inefficient use of services and resources to ensure high quality patient care is provided in the least restrictive environment and in a cost-effective manner.
  2. Conducts review of all inpatient, partial hospitalization, and outpatient records as outlined in the Utilization Review/Case Management plan to (1) determine appropriateness and clinical necessity of admissions, continued stay, and or rehabilitation, and discharge; (2) determine timeliness of assessments and evaluations; i.e. H&Ps, psychiatric evaluation, CIA formulation, and discharge summaries; and (3) identify any under-, over-, and/or inefficient use of services or resources.
  3. Reports findings to appropriate disciplines and/or committees; notifies appropriate staff members of any deficiencies noted so corrective actions can be taken in a timely manner; submits monthly report to PI Coordinator of findings and actions recommended to correct identified problems.
  4. Coordinates flow of communication between physicians/staff and third party payers concerning reimbursement requisites
  5. Attends mini-treatment team and morning status meetings each weekday to obtain third-party payer pre-certification and ongoing certification requirements and to share with those attending any pertinent data from third-party payer contracts.
  6. Attends weekly treatment team.
  7. Conducts telephone reviews to, and follows through with documentation requests from third party payers.
  8. Maintains abstract with updates provided to third party payers.
  9. Notifies physicians/staff/patients of reimbursement issues.
  10. Initiates and completes appeals process for reimbursement denials; notifies inpatients of denials received.
  11. Reports monthly all Hospital Issued Notices of Non-coverage (HINN letter) to QIO.
  12. Upon notification by business office that potential exists to be included on a new managed care contract, makes contact with the managed care company and coordinates communications between administration and the managed care company to obtain contractual arrangements. Maintains coordination of information requests from third party payers for annual renewal or update of existing contracts.  Communicates to staff status of new/existing contracts.
  13. Performs case management duties as required and coordinates flow of communication among staff involved in the patient's care.
  14. Completes paperwork for judicial commitments and state bed packets.
  15. Completes referral process and necessary paperwork for all other levels of care and make follow-up appointments; including follow up letters needed by the patient.
  16. Conducts special retrospective studies/audits when need is determined by M&PS and /or other committee structure.
  17. Performs other duties and projects as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications

Educational/Experience Requirements:
Associate's Degree with emphasis on healthcare or Bachelor's degree in social services field preferred.  At least one year psychiatric/chemical dependency experience with good working psychiatric/medical knowledge.

Must have excellent assertive communication skills.  Knowledge and in-depth understanding of CD-psych treatment and discharge planning process.  Must have good writing and composition skills.  Must have good understanding of regulatory and fiscal reimbursement and utilization review as a primary component of patient care.  Must demonstrate strong patient advocacy skills.  Must be able to organize and prioritize high volume workload.  Must be able to analyze and utilize data and systems to provide individualized quality treatment in a cost-effective manner.  Must be able to function with minimal supervision.  Therapeutic Intervention De-escalation Education required.  Must have ability to maintain overall good work attitude and interact cooperatively and professionally with other staff members and third party payers to achieve mutually beneficial outcome.  Must possess basic competency in age, disability, and cultural diversity for needs of patients served and ability to relate to patients in a manner sensitive to those needs.  Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral health de-escalation program.
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