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Maintenance technicians are responsible for maintaining the extensive heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and ventilation systems in the hospital. Employee may operate boilers, air-conditioning equipment, diesel engines, turbines, pumps, condensers, generators, and compressors. Employee will start up, regulate, shut down, or repair this equipment. It is their responsibility to ensure that all of these systems are operating efficiently and safely. Routine maintenance is part of the job. Other duties may include minor welding and plumbing and electrical repairs. Must be able to work off hours.


  1. May service and make repairs to heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration equipment including: fans, motors, radiators, thermostats, dampers and regulations controls; replace filters and fluids as necessary; and maintain routine records or repairs, etc.

  2. Performs a variety of routine manual duties as required, such as: moving supplies, furniture, equipment, removing trash, scrap material, and replacing light bulbs, etc.

  3. Demonstrates ability to adjust to change as it occurs.  Willingly and optimistically handles new requirements, assignments and/or challenges.

  4. Practices good infection control techniques; practices good safety techniques.

  5. Demonstrates regular maintenance of utilities including generator maintenance with support and testing, smoke purge system with support and testing, electronics, and other utilities as required.

  6. Maintains a neat and orderly environment.

  7. Meets training and certification responsibilities.

  8. Provides security of physical plant, grounds, and campus buildings.

  9. Practices good quality assurance/risk management measures.

  10. Performs other duties and projects as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications

High School diploma. Maintenance certification preferred.

Ability to read, write and follow written and oral instructions.  Mathematics, computer, reasoning and language skills preferred.  Must be able to perform heavy work or lifting and carrying, pushing and/or pulling objects; climb ladders; and use hand tools. Training in a related maintenance (electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc) field preferred.  Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral health de-escalation program.

Subject to many interruptions.  High paced and stressful; must be able to cope mentally and physically to atmosphere.  Work requires spending approximately 90% or more of the time inside a building that offers protection from weather conditions but not necessarily from temperature changes.
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