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The Therapist provides direct clinical services - assessment, interventions, treatment planning and discharge planning, as well as providing individual, family, and/or group therapy to further patient/family/group progress in treatment according to the Joint Commission, Federal and State Regulations, Oceans' Mission, policies and procedures and PI standards.


Therapist Responsibilities:

  1. Provides direct clinical services in accordance with accepted standards of social/work clinical practice in a timely fashion as outlined by Joint Commission, Federal and State Regulations, Oceans Behavioral Hospital's Mission, policies and procedures and PI Standards.

  2. Plans and conducts individual family and/or group therapy as assigned by the Director of Social Services or physician's order.

  3. Conducts, assesses and interprets completion of Comprehensive Integrated Assessment - (Biopsychosocial) as assigned by Director of Social Services or physician's order within 72 hours (or 3 sessions) of admission.

  4. Reviews all Multidisciplinary assessments and compiles a Multidisciplinary Treatment Integration under the supervision of the attending physician within 96 hours (or 4 sessions) of admission.

  5. Performs case management and discharge planning as assigned by the Director of Social Services.

  6. Attends treatment team meetings when indicated and reporting on assigned patients and their progress toward treatment goals; combines the reports of all disciplines into a multidisciplinary treatment integration summary, which facilitates the patient's progress towards treatment plan goals

  7. Delivers patient services in an ethical manner which promotes respect for the patient and enhances the patient's dignity and satisfaction; Demonstrates the ability to assess and interpret a patient's response to treatment in age/disability/culturally sensitive specific manner.

  8. Assesses and interprets age/disability/cultural needs; Identifies safety, psychosocial, special mobility and special equipment needs; and Communicates in an age/disability/culturally sensitive related manner to patients and their families

  9. Conducts treatment and discharge planning in accordance with age/disability/cultural needs and involves members of the patient's support system in decision making as appropriate.

  10. Performs other duties and projects as assigned.

Skills & Qualifications

At a minimum a Clinical Social Worker (CSW), LMSW, LCSW, LPC Counselor, or Psychologist.  0 to 1 year post-graduate experience in clinical practice.  Must have completed at least two semesters of internship--one of which must have been with a specific mentally ill population: Adolescent, Adults, and Geriatrics.  An internship within chemical dependency field is also acceptable.  (Any population which is assigned will be based on a mentorship training system if no experience has been had with that population.)

Must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to any age--related disability--related needs of the patients served on assignment.  Must demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth and development appropriate to the patient population served.  Must be able to assess and interpret data about the patient’s status in order to identify each patient’s needs and provide the appropriate care, including age related care/disability/cultural sensitivity related care to adolescent, chronically mentally ill, adult, geriatric, chemically dependent, and dually diagnosed patient populations.  Must demonstrate in-depth knowledge of mental illness and chemical dependency and the family dynamics which accompany them.  Must have basic knowledge of chronic mental illness.  Must have in-depth knowledge of clinical therapy modalities.  Must have excellent communication and group/process skills as related to age specific patient needs.  Must be able to demonstrate assessment, intervention, treatment and d/c planning skills.  Must be able to pass the general age/disability post-test.  Must be versatile, flexible, and able to perform in stressful situations.  Must have good time and organizational skills.  Must be capable of coordinating multi-faceted workload.  Must be able to work with an array of mental/physical disabled persons.  Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral de-escalation program.
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