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The Health Information Management Coordinator (HIM Coordinator) provides coordination of Health Information Process under the direction of a RHIA and/or Director. Prepare and maintain accurate medical records information according to established procedures within a medical records unit.  Uses appropriate communication skills and knowledge of age/disability cultural diversity and provides emergency response, referred and assistive.  All duties to be done in accordance with Joint Commission, Federal and State regulations, Oceans Mission, policies and procedures and Performance Improvement Standards.
  1. Manages all health information responsibilities including patient record maintenance, ensuring that appropriate medical record components are completed accurately by medical staff and filed properly and timely in accordance with various accrediting agencies and established institution policies and procedures.

  2. Assures timely completion, integrity and authenticity of medical records; places discharged charts in accepted chart order; scans documents into system to be sent up for billing; backs up HIM information for safety; notifies the RHIA/Director and Administrator deviations of accepted practices.

  3. Gathers, receives and monitors all information on in-coming patients in accordance with standard policies and procedures.

  4. Ensures all transcribed records are complete, correct and placed on patient records.

  5. Accurately releases information in timely manner.

  6. Assures immediate access of any chart of any particular type of chart using acceptable filing, coding and deficiency tracking.

  7. Communicates with RHIA/Director regarding issues related to releasing protected health information; communicates concern and diagnosis to other departments for completion of financial processes.

  8. Maintains an accurate and efficient filing system.

  9. Sends completed records to offsite storage facility for storage once complete.

  10. Performs other duties and projects as assigned.

A high school diploma required. Additional training in Health Information Management department functions or 1-3 years of Health Information Management department experience preferred.

Must be able to communicate effectively, be assertive in dealing with requests, and be highly organized. Demonstrates confidence and decision making skills.  Computer literacy. Must have strong verbal and written skills. Has the ability to work well with others and to communicate with other departments effectively.  Must be well organized, flexible and responsible. Must successfully complete CPR certification and an Oceans approved behavioral health de-escalation program.

Subject to many interruptions.  Occasional pressure due to multiple calls and inquiries.  This position can be high paced and stressful; must be able to cope mentally and physically to atmosphere.  This person might sometimes experience disagreeable odors, sights and/or unpredictable patient behavior.  Work requires spending approximately 85% or more of the time inside a building, which offers protection.
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